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City of Baolocchi 23 November-January 6 - Como

This year, Como becomes a special place thanks to the magical Christmas atmosphere of Toys City reached its 26th edition, full of events [...]

Festival Crotti 5-6 October 12 to 13 - Albavilla

Also this year, ProLoco Albavilla, organizes the event of Crotti Festival with the hope to draw in the country thousands of visitors from across the province. The event will take [...]

Sagra del Torchio October 6 - Palanzo Faggeto Lario

This year the day October 6, 2019 in Palanzo will host the 45th edition of the Festival del Torchio. For the occasion will be put into operation the old press and [...]

CHESTNUT, WITCHES AND AREA ... 12/13 October - Cernobbio

The purple and black witches dressed guide you to discover the hidden corners, the most significant. Vendors will tease with crafts and [...]

ORTICOLARIO 4 / 6ottobre - Cernobbio

Orticolario is a tribute to nature through the garden evolved concept, to be seized with the discreet charm of the flower, with its scents and [...]

Waves Lake Como - Cernobbio September 7

In the fascinating setting of Villa Erba in Cernobbio Saturday, September 7 kicks off Lake Como Waves https://www.lakecomowaves.it/ - water currents, an open day to all of [...]

Book Fair - Como August 24 - September 08

Starts Saturday, August 24 with the opening at 11.00 in the tent set up in Piazza Cavour the 67th edition of the Book Fair Como. Edition […]

Lake Como International Music Festival until September 8, 2019

Since 2006, the LakeComo International Music Festival, organized by Amadeus Art, offers a series of concerts in the spaces collected and intimate villas and gardens, [...]

Sports Festival 15/16 June - Cernobbio

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June the Riva of Cernobbio host the 2019 edition of the "Festival of Sport - Sport for all." Among appunamenti [...]

Feast of St. John the 22/23 June - Tremezzina Ossuccio

The Feast of St. John has nearly six centuries and commemorates the destruction of the island, on June 24, 1169, by Barbarossa, with [...]

Brianza MotorShow 16 to 17 March Grass

It began the journey that will lead us to the next edition of B Motor Show. The largest event dedicated to the world of motorsport will return to the [...]

City of Toys 11/26/18 - 08/01/19 Como

For 25 years, Christmas in Como is synonymous with "City of Toys": a great celebration for the city and for the region, organized by [...]

CHESTNUT, WITCHES AND AREA ... October 13 to 14 Rovenna

The purple and black witches dressed guide you to discover the hidden corners, the most significant. Vendors will tease with crafts and [...]

Palio del Baradello August 30 / September 22 - Como

Starts August 30, 2018 the XXXVIII edition of the Palio of Baradello, the reenactment of the arrival of Frederick Barbarossa in our city. The program […]

Immagimondo September 14 to October 26 - Lecco

"Immagimondo, the Trips Festival, Places and Culture" from 1997 speaks with different disciplinary approaches to sustainable tourism, respect for cultural differences, attention to [...]

GLASS FLOWERS 14 / 7-9 / 9 Villa Carlotta -Tremezzo

Next to painting and photography also the millennial glass art often has focused its activity on the theme of flowers. In particular, the glass masters [...]

STREET FOOD ON LAKE 24/26 August - Bellano

They will be more than 10 of the Food Truck selected from all over Italy for this summer edition of the lake. A square that will take you to discover the [...]

Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 26/27 May - Cernobbio

The gardens of the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este, the most emblematic hotels in the world situated on Lake Como, offering guests and visitors the opportunity [...]

La Parada par tucc June 9 - Como

La Parada par tucc will again invade the streets of the city of Como bringing CHAOS! It 'a social project, organized and run entirely by [...]

Bike-up 25/27 May - Lecco

BikeUP the first international festival on the e-bike. Three-day exhibition, but especially relationships FREE TEST and e-bike test! Dating B2BikeUP the first international festival on the e-bike. Three days of [...]

Festival of Light 2-20 May - Como

The LIGHT FESTIVAL at the theater, including the wonders of science, music and performances of illusionist innovative technologies, to celebrate the primaGiornata of Light International (IDL) [...]

Opening VILLA CARLOTTA March 23 - Tremezzo

Villa Carlotta welcomes you with its magnificent botanical garden and its rooms full of art masterpieces. Villa Carlotta is a place of rare beauty: [...]

do for me beblakecomo

FAI Spring March 24 to 25

Every year, since 1993, the third weekend in March, we make a great festival dedicated to the beauty of this country. A party who are all [...]

The weekend of autumn flavors September 1 to November 30

After the success of previous editions, even back in 2017 the initiative "WEEKEND OF AUTUMN FLAVORS". With this culinary event that covers all of [...] weekend

An afternoon with a story and a snack - November 21 Mandello Lario

Bring your children at the Public Library of Mandello del Lario Tuesday, November 21 "An afternoon with a story and a snack", the [...] meeting

Festival Crotti 7/8 - 14/15 October - Albavilla

Also this year, ProLoco Albavilla, organizes the event Crotti Festival wishing to invoke the country thousands of visitors from all over the province. The event [...]

Sagra del Torchio 8 October - Palanzo

This year October 8, 2017 in Palanzo will host the 43rd edition of the Festival del Torchio. For the occasion it will be put into operation the old press of the [...]

Feast of the Witches 7/8 October - Rovenna

Originally the event "The Strii de Ruena" was created and promoted by Gruppo Sportivo Rovennese with theme chestnuts. Later, he added [...]

Orticolario September 29 / October 1 - Cernobbio

Orticolario is a tribute to nature through the garden evolved concept, to be seized with the discreet charm of the flower, with its scents and [...]

Wood Festival September 23 / October 8 - Canterbury

The fifth edition of the Wood Festival of the City of Canterbury will be held from 23 September to 8 October 2017. It will be consolidated characterized by events format [...]

Immagimondo September 14 / November 3 - Lecco

Immagimondo - Festival travel, places and cultures, for 19 years, leads the world in Lecco and Lecco port in the world. Travelers, writers, scholars, photographers, [...]

Festival of Short Garlate September 9/10 - Garlate

26th edition of the Festival of Short, a unique event that now attracts thousands of people from all over the district and beyond. A popular Party [...]

Lecco, Lake and Stars 8/9 September - Lecco

Flowers and colors, lake and mountains: these are the ingredients of the third edition of "Lecco, Lake and Stars" the star-studded event in the city of Lecco leading [...]


International Motorcycle Rally, three-day engines, music and fun. The factory and the museum will be open throughout the event

Palio del Baradello August 30 / September 24 - Como

Starts August 30, 2017 the XXXVII edition of the Palio of Baradello, the reenactment of the arrival of Federico Barbarossa in our city. The program […]

Tremezzina Music Festival 11/19 Agosto – Tremezzina

The Tremezzina Music Festival offers a preview and four thematic evenings moving in very different fields of art together. It will fascinate and surprise. As always, the [...]

Colico in Cantina 17_23_24 June - Colico

Colico in Cantina now in its sixth year, is held in the village of Colico Villatico fraction, in days 17 23 June 24, it is [...]

Swing Crash Festival 21/25 Giugno – Como

Swing Crash back to Como in June after a year off to celebrate its first 10 years. The swing in the world [...]

Parolario 15/24 June

The seventeenth edition of Parolario returns June 15 to 24 in Como, Cernobbio and Brunate, making room for recklessness and freedom of imagination - a [...]

Nameless Music Festival 2/3/4 June - Barzio

Quantity and quality at Nameless Music Festival 2017, the largest event space located in the mountains of Barzio (LC) for a festival which estimates more than [...]

Passteggiando June 11 - Nature Reserve Pian di Spagna - Novate Mezzola

Passteggiando is an event that will take place Sunday, June 11, 2017 in the area between the high-low Lake Como Valtellina and Valchiavenna (in the province [...]

Harmony Festival June 10/11 - Gravesend

Now in its 4th edition, the 'Harmony Festival presents a rich program focused on the health practices of the body and the balance of the mind, with [...]

The Ghisallo May 27

The people of La Ghisallo is moving. The 2017 edition is undoubtedly rich: beautiful climbs, descents pulled and Brianza plains that much like the long distance rider. [...]

The Flora 21/22 May - canzo

The passion of the garden and nature at 360 ° to "Flora" on the 21st and May 22 Barni Park in Canzo will be flooded [...]

Boscultura from May 27 to June 4 - Schignano

Boscultura this year adds another important element to the process that began in 2014 along the Basin Schignano, in the stretch of the Roccolo and put [...]

Now Festival April 18 / May 26 Como-Cernobbio

Back in Cernobbio, on Lake Como, the Sustainable Future Now Festival. The festival is dedicated to the experiences, people, organizations and innovative companies, which today [...]

Agrinatura 23/25 April - Grass

Agrinatura is the Salone BtoC dedicated to the enhancement of agricultural, forestry, livestock and the promotion of rural tourism and the natural and environmental heritage. [...]

Brianza Beer Festival 7/9 April - Mariano Comense

A real beer festival could not miss in Brianza, because it is here - in the triangle of land between Varese, Como and Milan [...]

Flavors in scene 3/4/5 March - Mariano Comense

Return Flavors in scene, the taste fair, promoted by EXPOPOINT, a well-established organization of events and congresses that believes deeply in the importance of enhancement [...]

Brianza MotorShow 18/19 March - Grass

Back MotorShow the Brianza with its fifth edition. The motor event Lariofiere confirmed as location for two days of events and ideas for lovers of [...]

Carnival of Schignano February 19/25/28 - Schignano

Funny, exciting, engaging and above all, this eternal class match between "simple and rich men", each year, respecting the rhythms of the Roman rite, the soul [...]

RistorExpo 12/15 January - Grass

Ristorexpo, the show dedicated to catering professionals promoted in collaboration with Confcommercio, back to Lariofiere 12 to 15 February 2017. The event, which [...]

Sunday at the Museum

Sunday February 5 FREE MUSEUMS AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES IN THE STATE #DomenicalMuseo, the day when all the museums and State archaeological sites can be visited [...]

December to December Tremezzo Villa Carlotta 8/11

Scratch away at Christmas and for sure you will have started thinking about the lunch of December 25th and decorations, where you can not miss a centerpiece [...]

Santa's house Nov. 19 / January 6 Cantu

Santa's house Cantu, special route for all households within a 800 Villa. young and old elves will welcome to accompany you in [...]

Feast of Bees 24/25 September - Crevenna (Grass)

The "Feast of Bees" was founded in 2009 as a result of the great die-off of bees, thanks to the collaboration of the "Circle Environment Ilaria Alpi" At the "Feast of Bees", [...]

Orticolario September 30 / October 2 - Cernobbbio

From September 30 to October 2, 2016 will be held the eighth edition of Orticolario, the event dedicated to the passion for the garden and its [...] capacity

1/2-8/Festa dei Crotti 9 October-Albavilla

Also this year, ProLoco Albavilla, organizes the event of Crotti Festival with the hope to draw in the country thousands of visitors from across the province. The event will take [...]

Colors and Flavors of Autumn October 2 - Ace

The streets of the town of Asso (CO) host the third edition of "COLORS & FLAVORS OF AUTUMN". A day dedicated to the discovery and tasting [...]

Gera Secret Oct. 5 - Gera Lario

Gera Secret and 'now in its 7th edition. Cellars open in the beautiful districts of the country with wine tastings and local delicacies. The Pro Loco Gera [...]

Chestnuts, Witches and ... around 8/9 October - Rovenna

This year in Rovenna, (hamlet of Cernobbio, in the province of COMO) for the famous festival of witches! hot roast chestnuts, local dishes, dining options, the entire [...]

Fud Street Festival 23-24-25 September - Bellano

The beautiful setting of the Bellano lakeshore home - from Friday 23 to Sunday, September 25 - the "Fud Street Festival", for a weekend of [...]

Premana relives the Old 8/9 October - Premana

Back again this year on the weekend of 8 and 9 October, the evocative historical pageant "Premana relives the Old", which this year reached its ninth edition. Far [...]

September/October 25 9 wood Festival – Cantu

The 2016 edition of the Wood Festival of the City of Canterbury and Shopping & Design showcase mobile "is now in its ninth edition, but [...]

Biofera 9/11 September – Canzo

The Biofera of Canzo is one of the oldest and most representative organic parties nationwide. In an architectural context and environment, due to the quality of [...]

September 9/11 international motoraduno Moto Guzzi-Mandello del Lario

Over the Weekend of 9, 10 and 11 September is organized in Mandello del Lario a gathering open to all lovers of motorcycling and in [...]

August 28 – September 17 Palio del Baradello-Como

Thirty-sixth edition of the Palio del Baradello, the historical commemoration of the arrival of Frederick Barbarossa in our city. The festival will include concerts and medieval races, historical parades, [...]

September 10/11 November immagimondo

Sportsman, festivals, places and cultures "from different disciplinary approaches 1997 talk of responsible tourism, respect for cultural differences, attention to [...]

Open cellars 10 September – Palanzo

Fifth Edition of Vinitaly, an event dedicated to wine tasting, from home and abroad that will be served in the old cellars of the village set up for [...]

August 29/September 6 – Fiera di Sant'Abbondio Como

On August 30 will kick off the 2016 Edition of the Fiera di Sant'Abbondio which runs until September 6. The appointment, as always attracts thousands of comaschi, [...]

04/20/08-book fair 09 – Como

The book fair of Como, hosted in the splendid setting of piazza Cavour, under a large air-conditioned tent, presents hundreds and hundreds of books, new [...]

Palio del Lario 21 August-Domaso

This year will be held the 54th Edition of the "Palio del Lario" the most popular and spectacular rowing appointment of our Lake, historical and cultural event that from [...]

Lake Como Film Festival until 31 July

The first festival in Italy entirely dedicated to the "cinema of landscape". Designed to combine the fascination with the aesthetic beauty and style of film art, [...]

June 25/26 San Giovanni Festival – Ossuccio

Saturday night fireworks – musical with symbolic and lighting fire island "Zoca de l'oli" in front of the island. Sunday, the parish church of the island [...]

The places of Adda from 29.05 to 07.07

Back again this year the festival "points of the Adda," early summer theatre festival that takes place in Brianza. 15 appointments in beautiful places located along [...]

28 June – 22/2016 Wikimania Esino Lario

The global gathering of Wikipedia, will be held in Esino Lario, 22 June 28, 2016 from the. Represents an opportunity to promote worldwide on our territory, its [...]

Parolario 16/25 June – Como

The sixteenth edition of Parolario held in Como from 16 to 25 June: headquarters of the meetings is Villa Olmo, but daily events are [...]

Colico Cellar 11/17/18 June – Colico

Colico Cellar now in its fifth edition, held in the village of Colico, on 11 June and 18 June, .17 this is [...]

Lake Como Festival until 2 July

Since 2006 the Lake Como Festival, organised by the Amadeus Arte, offers a series of concerts in the intimate spaces of villas and gardens overlooking [...]

May 28/29 – medieval city como Como

Two days of Medieval reenactment Como, playground, themed workshops and medieval market.

Parada par Tücc 11 June – Como

La Parada par Tücc is organised and operated entirely by volunteers who, by chance or by luck, found themselves involved in this insane project [...]

Harmony Festival 11/12 June-Gravedona

The Festival is part of a cultural programme more articulately designed to enhance and promote the territory of hallstahammar, one of [...]

Festival of light 5/25 may – Como

The Festival of light – Lake Como intends to offer the general public a harmonious and integrated vision of scientific and humanistic values. Explores the theme [...]

22 May – 20/Elegance contest Cernobbio

The 2016 will see rare cars enthusiasts and owners again and the most beautiful historic motorcycles meet from Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May. […]

Agrinatura 23/25 April – Grass

Agrinatura is the BtoC Salon dedicated to the enhancement of agricultural production, forestry, animal husbandry and the promotion of rural tourism and natural and environmental heritage.

Open DAY 15/17 April Rationalism – Como

During the weekend of 15, 16 and 17 April 2016 Rationalism, Open Day will take place on a weekend with focus on the rationalist architecture for the development and [...]


The furniture fair celebrates 55 years of innovation and internationality, growing the presence of foreign exhibitors, nearly 30% of companies present in [...]

March 19-20 days FAI di Primavera

Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 March rediscover the pride of being Italian. Visit churches and castles, archives and historic buildings, landscapes and industrial Archaeology Museum and [...]

Carnevale di Schignano-Schignano

The 2016 Edition of the Carnival in Schignano got underway, the highlight of the Carnival is staged on Saturday 6 June and Tuesday 9 February. I always start [...]

January 6 – 28 November Città dei Balocchi/Como

The Città dei Balocchi is a unique attraction in our territory, thanks to a programme that is renewed every year – we're at the 22nd Edition – [...]

WINE & FOOD STYLE 30/31 October 1 November – Villa Erba Cernobbio

The draft Wine & Food Style, the exhibition dedicated to wine and food, comes in a context of great prestige and ideal [...]

From 19 September to immagimondo 4 October

Sportsman's Edition of Dicottesima, a festival dedicated to travel, in the halls and in the squares of the City meetings, screenings, news reports, stories, meetings and round tables

Orticolario 2-3-4 October-Cernobbio Villa Erba,

The seventh edition of Orticolario – autumn exhibition of flowers, plants, unusual and rare collectibles, tools and furniture – will take place in Villa Erba [...]

Ground Water & 20 June – 29 September

After the success of the Earth festival returns 2014 & water, twelve stages in the most beautiful villages of Lake Como to discover [...]