The Association "Guest House" has wanted to follow, believe and support some projects in order to promote the activities of its associates, valuing nature, historical attractions, cultural and environmental making know the artistic, natural and gastronomic craftsmanship of larian territory.

Some projects have been successful and productive, others, fortunately few, less functional, but the spirit of the Association is always positive and aimed at promoting the exchange of information, assistance to members and the fundamental principle of cohesion.

Since 2003 we made:

  • EXTRA HOTEL: after Extraordinary General Meeting of 18.05.2017 has been modified to allow the statute to the other hotel of the extra categories (excluding travel agency) of power to join the association and therefore have an agreement and the services offered.
  • Agreement signed with FAI, the Italian Environmental Fund as part of their partnership program that provides for the inclusion on their site of our Association and all the B & B included in the section FAI per me that apply to members FAI guests a discount of 10%, all our guests will instead discounts at the Como FAI goods by presenting a voucher.

  • Agreement with the Confcommercio of Lecco with special tariffs for use of legal, administrative, accounting, various conventions, training etc. all with the addition of € 25.00 membership fee for House Guests.
  • Printing 20,000 copies of the Lake Como maps listing all the B & B associated with a corresponding reference point on the same map and distributed to members in the fairs of the sector, at the offices IAT and the tourist information centers in the provinces of Como and Lecco.
  • Participation in EXPO 2015 to conferences convened calle Chambers of Commerce of Como and Lecco.
  • Day 8 October participation in EXPO 2015 – Italy – Pavilion under the "LECCO DAYS" in a space dedicated to us we informed the public about the aims of our Association and offered a small demonstration breakfast
  • Integrated (web, and With mini-personal sites divided by zones, events calendars, points of interest, routes and other useful content for tourists, Public page Facebook and closed Facebook group for service communications and information with and between members.
  • Printing of 40,000 copies of maps of Lake Como with listed all B & B associated with its landmark on the map itself and distributed to members, in fairs, TOURIST offices and tourist information points in the provinces of Lecco and Como.
  • Informative Totem: a project carried out with the support of Regione Lombardia which provides support to the offices IAT and infopoint and simultaneously provides better visibility to all members. We placed five totem: one in Lecco, two in Como, one in Menaggio, Porlezza one.
  • Contacts with the Lombardy region – Assessorato al Turismo for renewals or improvements to laws on Bed & Breakfast.
  • Contacts with the Provincial Departments of tourism that have always worked a lot to the growth of this important sector.
  • Brochure that presents each B & B and that is renewed annually, for distribution to the public at fairs, meetings, tourist offices, shops with great step etc, and at all B & B associates.
  • Information service: accounting issues, ASL, particularly dark requests that sometimes the municipalities make the structures.
  • Document of self-control: we provide the only document required for administering food and drink
  • Itinerant Cinema: one of the many initiatives that have made our Association, projecting films shot in various Towns on Lake Como.
  • Participation at the fair B & B in Brussels, at the BIT with Regione Lombardia, at EICMA (cycle and motorcycle), a workshop to promote.
  • Attendance at courses for B & B openings.
  • Virtual desk: a telephone response system and not all members who pose a problem inherent to the B & B attivitàà.
  • Joining "Welcomo" – the tourist card with discounts.
  • Participation in the virtual exhibition MH Days 2012.
  • Links to services in the area (restaurants, lifts, rentals, etc.).
  • Offers tour packages on the appropriate space created on our site.
  • We offer from our members: we have opened a space on our site " "not only B & B" dedicated to publicize all activities alternatives that our partners offer.
  • RadioPopolare – operation spring: we offer 2 free weekend in two B & B chosen from among the members in Exchange for 1000 advertising steps.
  • ARCH members Convention.
  • Promote, in addition to the annual Assembly, some "food" meetings for us informally and know us better.
  • Participation at the municipalities that we have requested a meeting with the population to demonstrate the potential of a B & B is able to achieve as the rebirth of cultural tourism/where in some small municipalities there are other forms of hospitality.
  • Participation in the Tourism 2013 at the Think Tank Elmepe-Grass
  • Agreement with Assicurazioni Generali – Agenzia di Lecco with favorable policies made on specific needs of Bed & Breakfast